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You can contact me using the form below but I get a lot of email so to be sure of getting a response please read the following:

  1. Message restrictions are relaxed for those I know personally, this includes all those individuals, businesses and organisations  I have worked with in the past. In fact for these people I am pleased to hear from you. Put something in the Subject Line so  I recognize you. Anyone else read further...
  2. Read the HOME PAGE to see the limited nature of this message facility. Any off-topic messages are just deleted.
  3. Put something in the Subject Line which tells me at a glance the nature of the message.
  4. Identify yourself. An email and name are not sufficient. If you represent an organisation what is it? Website? If you are acting as an individual tell me. Give your location - at least your town/city and your country.
  5. Include specifics. Messages such as 'I need to contact you about domain XYZ.COM.UK' are ignored because you did not say why you need to make contact. Give pertinent information in this message - do not expect me to respond so you can send the pertinent details in a follow up email.

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